Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Working in 3rd grade each day, I get to hear and read some of the most hilarious things.

Here is an example from sharing today:
Girl 1: My dog is getting fixed today and I am soooo sad she has to get stitches.
Girl 2: Getting fixed for what?
Girl 1: Getting fixed so she can't have babies. You get married and stuff.

I also get to decipher some hilarious-looking words when they write. See if you can discover what all of these phrases mean:
"ounts a pona"
"once a pona"
"wance apoun atime"
"onece upon"
"ones a panda"
"ones a ponda"
I hope that writing doesn't reflect poorly on my teaching skills.....

And on a much sweeter note...I have the students do a journal writing each day when they came in. Today the board said "Do you like Christmas? Why or why not?" (I know, I'm really creative with their writing prompts).
Well, each student wrote all about their Christmas traditions and presents galore.
But one sweet little girl in my class wrote-
"I like Christmas be cus it is Jesos is Bday. And I love Jesos He is my brother and He died for us and I love him vary much and it is not all about the presins it is abot Jeses."

I was not expecting anyone to write anything so heartwarming.
If that doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit right there, I don't know what will!