Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dreary January

Many people out of state ask me "what in the world do you do when it's so dang cold outside?".
Well, for part of the month there was a windchill of -30 to -50, so we literally couldn't do anything outside or our skin would freeze in 5 minutes.  But for the rest of the month, it hovered between -10 and 0 and we were able to make it out of our teeny apartment. 

Here is one of the colder days in January.  Notice the "feels like" column.

 The view out of our window.  And yes that snow is in between the screen and the glass.

We have kept ourselves busy by:

going to a jazz game with our good friends

going crazy in our small living space

Weekly trips to the library

Going to a lego exhibit

Playdough, whipped cream, and making treats

Playing in an indoor playground

Watching sports

Too many doctor's visits, colds, and ear infections

And celebrating the end of the month by spending the last $10 of our budget on McDonald's.

Happy to say that we have survived January in Minnesota for the last time.  We have witnessed the coldest winter Minnesota has had in 33 years.  So happy that it is getting up to the double digits!