Thursday, January 21, 2016

Juliet's Blessing Day

We hadn't met my sister's baby Juliet yet, so of course we had to drive up to Dallas for her blessing day.  We were there for the long weekend and had SO much fun with my sister's little family, her in laws, and my parents.  Laney is already so interested in Juliet and I can't wait for them to be best cousins/friends.

On Saturday we went to the Dallas Aquarium

And this happens every time we go anywhere on vacation

 And Laney got her first taste of some Texas BBQ!

Blessing Day pics!

This is Laney's face when she is tired and/or hungry.  Love it!

Can't wait to get these two bestie cousins together again!

Laney--6 Months

This little munchkin is six months old! I can hardly believe it!
She has the sweetest, most calm temperament.  She literally hardly cries unless she gets super super tired.
Laney loves her brother Carson and wants to be near him always.
If she is ever upset all I have to do is put her close enough to him to watch him play and she is happy as a clam.

Laney is rolling all over the place and it is hilarious.  Steve and I love to watch her roll over to Carson's trains and tracks and wait to see his reaction.  Carson is going to be very disappointed when she learns how to crawl.
She just started giving kisses, reaches up to be held, and is starting to wave.  I love that she is at the age that she can learn "tricks" now.

Laney is 20 lb (96%), almost 28 inches (99%), and her head is around 80%.  She is our chunky girl and we wouldn't have it any other way.  She is in size 9 month and 6-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  Carson wears size 4 diapers at night so they can share now! Yay!

She is just starting to try solids.  We have tried bananas and yogurt.  I also give her little scraps of my food/veggies to suck on when we eat.  She seems to be loving it so far.

Christmas in Virginia

We had such a great time with my family in Virginia.  We hadn't been there for an entire year, so it was nice to go back.  Unfortunately almost the entire family was sick the whole week, so we spent a lot of time lounging around at home.

Both Carson and Laney love my parents' dog, Macey.  Laney actually started giggling the first time she met Macey.  Macey would jump all over her and lick her whole face and Laney just loved it.


One afternoon we went to Cafe Rio and then to the Air and Space Museum (per Carson's request)


One day we took Carson bowling for the first time!


 And some Christmas morning pictures!


Such a great Christmas week!

The Polar Express

A town about 3 hours from here, Palestine, does Polar Express train rides each year at a Texas State Railroad station.  They go all out to make it really fun for the kiddos.  We decided that since Carson may not love trains forever to take the plunge and do it.

We drove up to Palestine, checked into our hotel, changed into Christmas jammies, and drove over to the train station for our hour long ride.  

 The whole setup was so nice.  About halfway through our train ride we drove by the North Pole and stopped for Santa to come aboard.

Santa gave us all our own little bell and signed our Polar Express book.


Little Laney slept in the carrier for almost the entire thing.  We had a blast and all went to sleep early that night in the hotel.  The next morning we headed back to Houston after breakfast. It was such a good way to get into the Christmas spirit!