Tuesday, March 12, 2013

8 Months!

Seriously...where has this year gone?
Every day I look at Carson and think he is bigger and less of a baby. 
I can hardly believe he has outgrown this "baby" stage so quickly!

He weighs 19 lb 6 oz and I think that's around the 25-50 percentile. Not sure of his height, but we will get those stats next month!

This past month Carson has made big strides in his mobility, but he is still not crawling! I have said since he was a baby that he would be a late crawler because he is so content in our laps, and I guess I was right!  He loves to roll and crawl in circles.  He pushes up on his hands and loves to be on his belly but will NOT let us help him get up on his knees. I guess it will come someday.

He is a baby after his mama's heart. He can now say mama and mean it! Usually when he is really sad and upset he will call for me and it is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen (besides when he kisses me).

Carson cut his first two teeth this month!  I actually didn't even realize he was teething until I reached in his mouth and found a tooth one day.  The other one came shortly after.

We have gotten rid of the binky for good. We took it away while he slept so that he would stop waking up for it. He adjusted really quickly but decided he doesn't want it at all anymore. This makes going out a little harder because I don't have anything to use as a plug.

Carson loves to wave. He doesn't understand what it means but loves to do it at random times. He will wave while drinking a bottle, or when holding a toy with one hand he will wave with the other.

I think he is going through the whole separation anxiety thing.  He gets very upset when I set him down to play which makes my day a bit more complicated.  I can usually distract him with toys or let him a cry a few minutes and he is fine.

When we got rid of his binky we substituted it with his monkey.  He loves that thing and cuddles up with it before going to sleep and usually uses it as a pillow.  This was his first nap without binky and with monkey.

Going through the whole separation anxiety thing means a lot of time spent with mom in the baby carrier :)

This picture speaks for itself...Carson loves himself a little too much!

 My Valentine

 The next two pictures may be hard to see, but Carson is covered in water.  We decided Minnesota was getting a little too cold outside so we played with water inside.  He had a blast.

Becoming a pro at using the sippy cup.