Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Two and a half!

Every month goes faster and faster with this little boy.
I have been in denial that he is really two and a half but have finally come to terms with it.  For some reason it sounds so old.
The last 6 months have been the most fun yet.  Carson is getting much better at communicating and loves to be on the go and always having fun.

Some highlights as of late:
--Carson's vocabulary has really taken off the past few months.  He is now always talking in phrases or sentences.  I am the only one that can understand almost everything he says, though.

--He loves to be out of the apartment.  Almost every day, he says "shoes on?" to ask if we can go somewhere.

--His favorite activities are preschool, going to the zoo, riding the train at Hermann Park, nursery, and a soccer class he just started going to once a week

--Carson loves to play with friends.  He learns so much from other kids and is so happy whenever he has a chance to be with them.

--He loves to make people laugh, especially kids.  He has this crazy fake laugh that he will do for as long as it takes to make you laugh with him.

--Carson is very sensitive.  If I tell him I don't need his help or that I'm trying to get something done without him bothering me, he really gets his feelings hurt.

 --He is pretty shy around adults.  He has started telling adults at the store and when we are out and about "I shy" if they try to say hi or talk to him.

--His obsession with trains, and specifically Thomas, has become a little ridiculous.  Basically, if we are at home, that's all he is doing.  Playing with trains, wearing Thomas the Train stuff, trying to convince me to watch an episode of Thomas, making train noises, you get the point.
--I have no idea what his latest height and weight stats are, all I know is he's tall!  Every single person that asks how old he is always follows it up with "wow, he's tall for his age!"  It will be interesting to see what his percentiles are at his 3 year appointment.

Love this little boy!  Don't grow any more, Carson!

Thursday, January 8, 2015


For New Years Eve this year we got tickets to see the Zoo Lights with our friends, the Lees.
We had a great time and will probably make it a tradition to go every year.
Carson had so much fun and still talks about going to see the zoo lights with Russ, Adri, Sophia, and Baby Grace.

We got home around 9 and were all asleep by 10:00.  We are such party animals these days!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas in Virginia

Warning: There are a LOT of pictures!

Train ride at the mall with Grandma and Grandpa!

 Making/eating a gingerbread house with grandma

A day in DC, first stop, tour of the White House

That night we went to see the National Christmas tree and state trees.  Here we are in front of the Minnesota tree

Christmas Eve Dinner at Maggianos


Watching Frozen with grandpa

Reading the story of Christmas on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning

 Christmas breakfast: french toast, Christmas eggs, bacon, and sausage

Hanging out with grandma and Macey

 Selfie with our finished puzzle of DC

Potbelly, our family favorite

Carson pretending to be one of the dogs

 Shake Shack for lunch one day

And Carson pestering uncle Chris all week

Steve's 29th!

That day we kidnapped Steve from work and took him to Potbelly for lunch

Steve's choice for an activity that night was to ride the Christmas train as a family (who do you think was the most happy?)



That night we celebrated with one of Steve's favorite meals, tacos al pastor and a yummy ice cream cake!