Monday, June 9, 2014

On Our Way to Houston

Well, we have finally made it!  After about 20 hours alone in the car with Carson, I am ready to never get in a car with him again.  He did pretty good though, and he is eager as ever to go on more car trips.  Lucky for us, he has an obsession with cars right now.

This was my view for the 3 whole days we spent driving: the back of Steve's car.  Not pictured: Carson in my back seat making a ruckus. 

First stop: Kansas City!  Carson was so happy to get out of the car and play the night we got there.

Drove through Crowder, Oklahoma (my maiden name)

Next stop:  Dallas!  As soon as we drove into Texas, we saw an In N Out.  Best news of the day.  We stopped and Carson had his very first In N Out burger (well it was technically just grilled cheese).

We spent 2 days in Dallas to recuperate from the 2 days of driving before, so of course we had to take some time to find a delicious Mexican restaurant. It was amazing, and even Carson ate almost all of his taco.

Final stop: Houston!  This is one of the first views we had of the city and the loads of traffic.

One of the best parts of this move is finding out that me and a friend that just moved here from Minneapolis are in the same ward!  The boundaries of our ward just changed a few weeks ago and we are so happy to know someone already!

And I will leave you with some recent videos of Carson in our new place.  The first is his obsession with animal noises and the second is his attempt at talking.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Visit to Idaho!

Because Steve's parents weren't able to come visit for his graduation, we decided to pay them a visit right after!  Steve's brother, Greg, and his two girls drove up from Utah to spend time with us as well.  It is so fun to see Carson run around with his little cousins.

Someone snapped this picture of us being reunited in the Boise airport

On our first day, we headed out to the zoo

Hangin out in Grandmas' shoes

Carson loves having Steve off of school/work

 First time in a big boy bed (because he refused to sleep in a pack n play when we first arrived)
Also, am I the only creepy mom that loves pictures of her kid sleeping?

Visit to the Boise temple

Hangin out at the park


We will sure miss Steve's parents but are glad we could spend time with them before Steve starts work!


After 2 years of school and many years of prepping and dreaming, Steve has finished up his Masters of Healthcare Administration. 
I am so proud of this guy.  When we first started dating in 2009 he had no idea what he wanted to even major in.  After a few months, he chose a career path and hasn't looked back.  He chose University of Minnesota years ago and it is crazy to think that this chapter in our book is closed.
Steve has worked so hard and come so far, and I am excited to see where his career takes us.

The graduating class

Some of the LDS guys in Steve's class

Some of the LDS wives (and babies)

Trying on his "hood" the night before graduation

Graduation Ceremony



Hangin out with grandma

So happy to be done!

The after party!

We celebrated with Manny's Steakhouse and some famous chocolate turtle cake from Cafe Latte

 So proud of this graduate!

Spring Finally Sprung

Our spring was cut short this year, with it being freezing in Minneapolis through April and then moving in the beginning of June to hot, hot Houston, but here are a few pictures to document the season.

Matchin boyz

Me and my besties being crazy.  I will miss these two so much.  So glad we were able to do a quick photo shoot before we all moved away.

So many crazy pictures with this one.

Walk around the Como Lake.  I thought Carson came with us but I could be wrong.

Slept through our entire Target run in Steve's arms.  Sometimes babies wake up too early and nap too early.

He wants a bike so bad. Bad enough to ride around on a pink and purple one.  We just might have to get him one for his birthday.

Video of Carson finding some new swim shorts for the first time.  If you can't tell, he loves balls.

Video of Carson kicking a soccer ball.  I don't think he's too bad for a 1 year old!

And there it is, a quick post for a quick spring.

Minneapolis Bucket List

Last summer, when all of my friends were out of the state for interships I created a Minneapolis bucket list.  We were pretty good to do almost everything on that list.  Some things I wanted to do one more time before we left, and some things we had still never done!  So with one month left in Minnesota, we buckled down and got back to that list!

Mall of America, Nickelodeon Universe, check!

(he was terrified of the carousel)


Twins game in the absolute freezing cold, check!

haha Adri photo bomb

Minnesota History Museum, photo with a beaver and our besties, check!

Jucy Lucys at our favorite, Matt's bar

Children's museum one last time

Ice cream at Izzy's.  Yum!

Brunch with these ladies one last time!

Minnehaha Falls

 Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  Love this view of the city.

Check, check, check!  We got to do almost everything on our list.  We will sure miss this awesome city.  We have made so many fun memories here!