Sunday, June 8, 2014

Visit to Idaho!

Because Steve's parents weren't able to come visit for his graduation, we decided to pay them a visit right after!  Steve's brother, Greg, and his two girls drove up from Utah to spend time with us as well.  It is so fun to see Carson run around with his little cousins.

Someone snapped this picture of us being reunited in the Boise airport

On our first day, we headed out to the zoo

Hangin out in Grandmas' shoes

Carson loves having Steve off of school/work

 First time in a big boy bed (because he refused to sleep in a pack n play when we first arrived)
Also, am I the only creepy mom that loves pictures of her kid sleeping?

Visit to the Boise temple

Hangin out at the park


We will sure miss Steve's parents but are glad we could spend time with them before Steve starts work!

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  1. It was great to have your sweet family here, we loved it!!! Carson was entertaining, just an all around fun little boy.