Sunday, June 8, 2014

Minneapolis Bucket List

Last summer, when all of my friends were out of the state for interships I created a Minneapolis bucket list.  We were pretty good to do almost everything on that list.  Some things I wanted to do one more time before we left, and some things we had still never done!  So with one month left in Minnesota, we buckled down and got back to that list!

Mall of America, Nickelodeon Universe, check!

(he was terrified of the carousel)


Twins game in the absolute freezing cold, check!

haha Adri photo bomb

Minnesota History Museum, photo with a beaver and our besties, check!

Jucy Lucys at our favorite, Matt's bar

Children's museum one last time

Ice cream at Izzy's.  Yum!

Brunch with these ladies one last time!

Minnehaha Falls

 Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  Love this view of the city.

Check, check, check!  We got to do almost everything on our list.  We will sure miss this awesome city.  We have made so many fun memories here!


  1. Let's go check out the Children's Museum soon! We did tons of things on our bucket list at the end, too. Nothing like having a deadline. :) I love that Minnesota postcard you and the Smiths are in front of. Also....ew on that unintentional photo bomb. haha