Monday, June 9, 2014

On Our Way to Houston

Well, we have finally made it!  After about 20 hours alone in the car with Carson, I am ready to never get in a car with him again.  He did pretty good though, and he is eager as ever to go on more car trips.  Lucky for us, he has an obsession with cars right now.

This was my view for the 3 whole days we spent driving: the back of Steve's car.  Not pictured: Carson in my back seat making a ruckus. 

First stop: Kansas City!  Carson was so happy to get out of the car and play the night we got there.

Drove through Crowder, Oklahoma (my maiden name)

Next stop:  Dallas!  As soon as we drove into Texas, we saw an In N Out.  Best news of the day.  We stopped and Carson had his very first In N Out burger (well it was technically just grilled cheese).

We spent 2 days in Dallas to recuperate from the 2 days of driving before, so of course we had to take some time to find a delicious Mexican restaurant. It was amazing, and even Carson ate almost all of his taco.

Final stop: Houston!  This is one of the first views we had of the city and the loads of traffic.

One of the best parts of this move is finding out that me and a friend that just moved here from Minneapolis are in the same ward!  The boundaries of our ward just changed a few weeks ago and we are so happy to know someone already!

And I will leave you with some recent videos of Carson in our new place.  The first is his obsession with animal noises and the second is his attempt at talking.


  1. You'all that is a fun overview of your move down south! Lv U guys!

  2. Ahhhh he is too cute! I miss that little man! And you of course :)!

  3. You're amazing!! I went 3.5 hours with Hannah the other day, and honestly didn't think we'd make it. Ha! Hope you're loving it!