Monday, July 7, 2014

June in Pictures

June was such a great month.  Steve didn't start work until July 1, and we arrived in Houston around June 4, so we had the whole month to play and get used to our new city.

"hangin out" in Ikea

Farmer's market for a yummy breakfast

Sooo many trips to the zoo.  Carson talks about it every day and always wants to go see the giraffes and elephants.

Hermann Park

Children's museum

We have been to the beach a couple times now.  It is about an hour away from our apartment.  We found this fun beach that you can drive right onto!


 Carson fell asleep on the way back from the beach with his hand in the air.

When my friend went into labor, we watched her oldest, Sophia.  Carson and Sophia had such a fun time sharing a stroller and playing at the splash pad.

 A peek at our new apartment

We are loving the hot weather and being able to swim at our community pool all the time!

Well, so far we are really loving Houston and having fun exploring.  We are so excited about this chapter of our lives!