Monday, October 26, 2015

Visiting Idaho

We took a trip to Idaho a couple of weeks ago since Steve's parents still hadn't met Laney!

Laney did well on our flights and Carson played on the iPad a lot (too much)

Steve bought Carson a train they found in a gift shop on our layover, and Carson has been loving on his "new train" ever since.

We had so much fun spending time with Steve's parents and got to do a bunch of fun stuff.  


One day we went to the pumpkin patch.  Carson loved the Cow Train the most.

Carson and Arliss carved the pumpkin he picked out at the pumpkin patch.

We went to a bounce house/tumbling gym type place.  Carson had so much fun jumping into the foam pit.  And he OF COURSE had to do a ride on the train.

Sunday evening we went to the Boise Temple and walked around the grounds.

The flight back went pretty smoothly, besides the fact that Laney had two blowouts and only one change of clothes.

That was our last trip to Boise! Next time we see Steve's parents will be in Salt Lake next summer!

Catch Up on Life

Here's a photo dump with what we've been up to lately
We went to go visit/entertain my sister for a week while she was on bed rest and Chris was out of town

Carson climbed out onto this roof at a baseball game and Steve had to go climb out and save him.  It was so funny.

Halloween clothes 

Play time

Preschool at our place

Cheerin on the cougs

Naptime at the park

Bumb-in around


Laney--3 Months

This little angel baby is the sweetest thing.
We love having her sweet, happy personality in our home.
I love her big, dimpled smile and how she always looks away shyly after smiling at me.
She is getting so big my heart starts to ache when I see pictures of her from when she was a few weeks old.

Laney is growing like a weed these days.
She is in size 3 diapers and 3-6 and 6 month clothes.
She has still never had a bottle and doesn't like pacifiers either.  The bottle is definitely something we need to work on.
She usually eats every 2 hours, sometimes every 3 if she takes a long nap.
She goes to bed around 7:30-8, I feed her around 10:30, she usually wakes up around 5:00 to eat for 5-10 minutes, and then goes back to sleep til around 7:30-8.  Some nights she will sleep through the whole night, but she usually wakes up once.
She can hardly stay awake for more than an hour and takes cat naps all day long with at least one long nap a day.
Laney is so close to giggling.
We LOVE her.