Thursday, November 14, 2013

Goodbye Mullet

There comes a time in every baby's life when you need to cut the mullet off.
We are usually pretty good at chopping it off when it gets too long, but it has been a very busy semester.
I realized tonight that it's been since July that Carson has had a hair cut and we figured it was time.

Here's our new and improved baby...but I kinda miss the mullet.


Halloween was very low key this year.
I think next year will be a little more exciting because Carson will understand dressing up and trick or treating.
He had a really bad cold and fever/ear infection so the only party he made it to was the ward Halloween party.

This picture was already posted on my blog previously, but it is a good shot of his whole costume.
His shoes were so tight that he couldn't wear socks and we had to jam his feet in.  Poor guy.


He ate more treats that day than he's eaten in his whole life.

Next year we are looking forward to a nice 70-80 degree night of trick or treating in Houston ;)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big Changes

I'm pretty sure we have already announced this to most of our family and friends,
but we have recently accepted an offer with Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Steve worked long and hard to be able to get this opportunity.  He will be an administrative fellow for Baylor and will be working in the Texas Medical Center.  We are excited to move there and are planning to be there for the next few years.

On a side note, lets just compare the weather in Minneapolis to the weather in Houston.

We are lookin forward to it!

A Little DIY

I do a few crafts here and there.
But I feel the need to document this little project of mine.
Steve and I have been really tight on money lately so I have been thrift shopping A TON. 
Basically if I buy anything other than food, it's from the thrift store.

Well a few weeks ago, I came across this green leather chair for $3 at our local thrift store.

 I couldn't resist it.  And it didn't help that I went with a friend with a minivan and we had room to take it home.

Well after hours and hours of removing staples (thanks Steve!), sanding, staining, looking for fabric, sewing, and stapling, I have a brand new chair and pillow for under $20.

I absolutely love it and am kind of getting addicted to being poor and trying to be as cheap as I can possibly be.  I can't be the only one like that...right???

Pictures by the Lake

A couple months ago, my friend Stephanie got a bunch of cute kids together and took lots of single and group photos.
She put the pictures together for a video advertisement for her photography company.
Luckily, she took some adorable ones of Carson that we get to keep:)



Thanks again Steph!
Also I think I might as well just hire you as my personal blog photographer.  You basically already are:)

Friday, November 1, 2013

October in Pictures

What we've been up to:

Learning to say our prayers

 Bonkin heads


 Missing grandma and grandpa (this is their mission picture)

 Visiting the pet store because the zoo is too cold

Making this face over..and over..and over.

Dressing up for Halloween

Choosing which Halloween book to read

Enjoying our new rocking chair

 Eating dad's cereal

Coming out of the bathroom to see this little monster like this

Braving the rain and cold at dad's soccer game

Not pictured: 2 colds, 2 new molars, and an ear infection all in the last week.  It's been a fun week.