Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Laney--One Month

Our little Laney is one month old!
The time has gone by way faster this time around than with Carson.
We definitely knew what we were getting ourselves into with her, and the adjustment has been a lot easier.
However, she is a much harder baby than Carson was.  
She eats pretty much every two hours all day long, never giving me much of a break.
She is awful at falling asleep on her own.  She pretty much has to be moving in order to sleep (insert the baby swing, wrap, or car seat).
Laney has now entered the nightly "witching hour" stage.  Some nights she screams for hours on end for no apparent reason.  And boy does she have a scream.  Just typing this my ear drums are hurting from tonight's episode.

In one big way she is definitely easier than Carson was, though.
She is a much better sleeper at night.
She had her days and nights figured out from day one and sleeps for at least 12 hours every night, waking up every 3-4 hours to eat for about 10 minutes.  When we brought her home from the hospital she gave us 5-6 hour stretches for the first couple weeks.  Unfortunately, that has stopped.
Her sleeping habits alone make me feel much more human this time around.  I am able to anticipate what the night will be like and am usually fairly well rested.

Laney is sure getting big.  I love the chunky rolls on her arms the most.  She is in size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes.  I'm not sure how long these are going to last!  We go back in to the doctor for her two month check up, and I can't wait to see her measurements.

Now on to some of my favorite pictures from the month!

So many sleepy baby pics

Carson loves his baby sister


Comparing Carson and Laney from about the same age in the tub

What a typical morning looks like

Isn't she cute even when she's crying?

Love this baby


And some pics from her one month birthday!