Saturday, January 26, 2013

Home for Christmas

Because of Steve's super long winter break, we were able to go back to Virginia for 2 weeks.
It was so so nice and a much needed break for me too.
Carson is my little bud, but it is nice to have other people take care of him too.
We took a trip into DC one day, and also did a whole lot of relaxing and eating...which may be our favorite thing:)

Carson loves our dog, Sadie     

Christmas Sunday cutie

4 generations

celebrating Christmas Eve  

New Years Eve       

 Carson may have done a lot of sleeping because of all of the festivities, but he was my crazy boy on the plane ride home.

I sure enjoyed our month-long break, but it is kind of nice to be back home:)

6 Months!

I am half a month late on this post!
Oh well...I have been too busy being lazy over winter break to get anything done.
Here goes:
-Carson weighs 17 lb 3 oz (10-25 percentile) and is almost 28 inches long (90 percentile)! So he is long and lean like his dada.
-He is rolling over like a champ. Every time I lay him on his back he is immediately on his tummy. Luckily in his crib he stays on his back though.
-He is in 6 and 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
-Carson is finally being a good boy and sleeping through the night!!! He goes to sleep around 8 and wakes up around 7. Sometimes he will wake up once or twice in the night and cry for a few minutes, but he will fall back asleep on his own.
-He is so close to sitting up.  He can for a few minutes and then topples over.
-He is eating solids for lunch and dinner and we will add in breakfast here soon.
-We still can't figure out Carson's nap schedule. We were finally down to 3 longer naps a day, but with the recent traveling, cold, and growth spurt?, he is sleeping a lot and wants 4 naps a day.

sticking his tongue out is one of Carson's favorite things

fell asleep on one of our 30 degree walks
loving baby einstein

if Carson could say one thing I think it would be "too many kisses!!!"

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Festivities

Christmas this year was so fun with a little baby!
Even though he didn't understand any of it, we all had fun spoiling him.

We decided that we had to visit Santa at the Mall of America to give Carson his first Christmas experience.
In true Carson fashion, he stared at Santa wide-eyed but wouldn't crack a real smile.

 We celebrated Christmas twice this year, lucky us!  The night before we headed to Virginia, we opened our presents from Grandma and Grandpa Winder.

Christmas morning was especially fun with the little guy.  We loved waking up and opening all of our presents with him.  Although, as expected, he was probably more interested in the tissue paper than anything.

Excited to be awake bright and early

Mostly just excited for his new binkies
 More to come on our break in Virginia!