Saturday, January 26, 2013

Home for Christmas

Because of Steve's super long winter break, we were able to go back to Virginia for 2 weeks.
It was so so nice and a much needed break for me too.
Carson is my little bud, but it is nice to have other people take care of him too.
We took a trip into DC one day, and also did a whole lot of relaxing and eating...which may be our favorite thing:)

Carson loves our dog, Sadie     

Christmas Sunday cutie

4 generations

celebrating Christmas Eve  

New Years Eve       

 Carson may have done a lot of sleeping because of all of the festivities, but he was my crazy boy on the plane ride home.

I sure enjoyed our month-long break, but it is kind of nice to be back home:)

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  1. :) Found your blog on Rachel's side bar! love those last pics of your adorable boy.