Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Last year we got season passes to the carnival at the rodeo, but this year we decided to just make one long day of it!  We found out the day after we went that poor Laney had the flu and double ear infections, so she was a trooper most of the day and slept in her baby carrier.

Carson had SO MUCH FUN this year.  He soaked everything up and loved all the rides.



 Riding on a pony for the first time

Waiting for mutton bustin to begin!  (I hope we can convince Carson to do it next year!)

Fun on the Farm kids exhibit

 Lots of carnival games

We promised Carson chocolate milk all day because there was a little stand that had chocolate milk last year, and it was gone this year!!  So we panicked and had to check with about 10 different places before a cinnamon bun stand saved the day!

I had been craving this chopped beef baked potato ALL YEAR LONG

Another favorite: the fried brownie batter!

Girls Weekend!

Ok, ok, I realize I have way too many blogposts with this same title.  
But it is what it is.
My dad had work in Dallas, so my mom flew with him.  Then Lindsay picked up my mom from the airport and they both drove here for a fun-filled weekend.

Zoo trip

Lunch at Pinewood Cafe next to the zoo

Hangin out at home (kisses for grandma)

LOTS of matching
(gotta love the handholding)

And a day out on the town, with Cheesecake Factory, of course!

Our Winter in Pictures

This winter was so so mild.  We spent most of our days outside at the park.  Here are some snippets from our days :)

Laney's 6 month appt

Got the go ahead on solid foods and a sippy of water



Carson 3 years ago and Laney this year on Valentines


Feeding the ducks at Hermann Park

Laney's first time swinging

Carson has gotten a little more into drawing lately.  He drew himself and Laney and asked me to draw bows on both of them!

 Getting better at writing his name


Strawberry picking at Froberg's

 "We are fwamwee" {family} as Carson would say



Laney has started sitting in her stroller seat and she loves it!

Free froyo day at Menchies

Carson's first dentist appointment!

Our ward directory picture!  I had to save it because everyone looks good (especially 2 month old Laney!!)

Minnesota babes

All of us spent our fair share of winter being sick.  Here's poor Carson with a 104 degree fever laying on the changing table

And poor Laney with the flu and ear infections :(


Getting our summer wardrobe ready!

And I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures of all time!!!