Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spring Break

For Lindsay's spring break this year, we had to keep up with the tradition of having a girls week at home with my mom (and Carson, of course).
I flew home for a week and loved every minute of it.  Even the part where I got strep throat and laid in bed for 2 days.  My mom took care of me and watched Carson 24/7, which is actually a nice break.

Carson went right to my mom after the flight and snuggled up to her, it was so adorable.

He got spoiled rotten spending time with his aunt, grandma, and grandpa.

One day we went to the mall and rode the train and carousel.  Best day of Carson's life.


We went to a petting zoo and got to pet some baby rabbits.

Carson and my mom went down the street to visit a golden retriever that looks just like our old dog, Sadie, did.  Carson ran right up to her and wouldn't stop hugging her.  He loves dogs and it makes my heart melt.

Let's not forget about all the time I spent on facetime with Steve.

And why does this always happen when we get off the plane?  Must be the sign of a good trip!

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