Sunday, June 8, 2014


After 2 years of school and many years of prepping and dreaming, Steve has finished up his Masters of Healthcare Administration. 
I am so proud of this guy.  When we first started dating in 2009 he had no idea what he wanted to even major in.  After a few months, he chose a career path and hasn't looked back.  He chose University of Minnesota years ago and it is crazy to think that this chapter in our book is closed.
Steve has worked so hard and come so far, and I am excited to see where his career takes us.

The graduating class

Some of the LDS guys in Steve's class

Some of the LDS wives (and babies)

Trying on his "hood" the night before graduation

Graduation Ceremony



Hangin out with grandma

So happy to be done!

The after party!

We celebrated with Manny's Steakhouse and some famous chocolate turtle cake from Cafe Latte

 So proud of this graduate!

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  1. Wow, soooo proud of this graduate too!!! Soooo proud of all you did to get there and all of Brittany's support!!! Lv U!!!