Saturday, June 7, 2014

Winter in Minneapolis

Winter in Minneapolis was pretty awful, I'm not going to lie.
It dragged on for months on end, but we were able to keep busy and here are some of the highlights of our long winter.

So happy about a Valentine's package from Grandma Crowder

Trying on my shirt much to Steve's dismay.

Children's museum weekly visits 

I reupholstered another chair from a thrift store. 


(it's a navy blue velvet)

with the pillow I made for the chair

We visited the zoo on Steve's "spring break".  If you live in Minnesota you know why the spring break is in quotes.  One day it got up to 40 so we headed outside.

We love the Mall of America.  Here we are on top of the ferris wheel in the middle of the mall.

A definite highlight of the winter was our Hunger Games party.
My friends and I organized a reaping in which each couple drew their district out of a bowl.
I dressed up as Effie and conducted the reaping.

Adri (Haymitch), Jaewon (Caesar Flickerman), me (Effie)

On a different night, we all dressed up as our district and did a bunch of games (ie fought to the death).
 Steve and I represented District 5: Power.

 So many selfies with mom.  If only you could see all of the ones I have on my phone from the many hours we spent snowed indoors.

Choo Choo Bob's.  Love this train store!  I think this is where Carson's love for trains started.

I am a little late on this blog post, but honestly not much happened between February and April for this family.  Just a lot of staying indoors trying to keep warm!

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