Friday, August 26, 2011

Proud to be a Wrangler

So my first week of school is officially over.

I have forgotten how tiring and stressful the beginning of the year is. I just got finished teaching almost 6th graders and am now teaching graduated 2nd graders. It's a huge difference in age.

My students are seriously the most social and talkative you can ever imagine. At first I was super stressed out by this, but now I am "training" them and getting really attached to their cute little personalities.

Let me just give you a rundown of my school/neighborhood:

-A kid in my class is named after a gun
-8 year old girls in my class know what the difference between just a bullet shell and an actual bullet
-Writing prompts include hunting deer
-Favorite kids activities include shooting animals
-You can hear horses naying inside my classroom
-There are goats that wander aimlessly on the street my school is on.

To say the least, it is definitely different than good ol' Provo was. But I LOVE it. Everyone I work with is so great, and I love the small town feel.

Here's a tour of my classroom (Mom):

My door on the first day of school:

This is my calendar and job chart--right above my desk.

Bulletin board where students can thumbtack everywhere their books take place.

Book recommendations board:

Behavior board:

Writing board:

Literacy bulletin board and book boxes:

Nice view from my window of a barn and where the horses are:

Our class pet and 3 year old gold fish: Seashark. My students just renamed him today.

View of my classroom from my desk:
I know it is SUPER colorful, but the teacher before me had it all gray and the walls are gray, so I needed something different and fun!


  1. This is a hilarious post. I love it. You should seeeee how packed and over-colorful some of the rooms are at my school. Yours looks so fine!

  2. PS I fell asleep at 7:50 last week during my first week of school.

  3. Love your classroom decor! So fun!!! I should have Been a teacher. You guys need to come over for dinner ASAP. We'd love to see you guys.

  4. This post makes me want to teach third graders. You inspire me. :D