Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Break

About a week ago, I got to enjoy the perks of being a teacher.
Fall Break.
It was wonderful. I got to finally do some projects around the house that I've been meaning to do and enjoy my two days off of school.

The first day of fall break, I decided to finally use my sewing machine that I got for graduation in April. I've done basic mending projects and worked on a dress with my mother-in-law, but I haven't yet tried to follow a simple pattern on my own. So, I drove over to Wal-Mart, picked up an apron pattern and $2 fabric, and after sewing all day long, I finished my first real creation!!!

I had a blast! It was SOO much fun and I can't wait to make some more stuff realllly soon.

Other fun happenings last weekend include carving our pumpkins. We pulled our kitchen table into the middle of the family room to watch a movie while we carved. And yes, we normally do look like this on weekend nights when we don't go out.
I used previous pumpkin carving experiences to decide that I would only carve a teeny pumpkin this year. I get bored in about 3 minutes, so this is what I ended up with:
Steve, on the other hand, could do this for hours. Here he is about an hour after I'm done still working on his stormtrooper pumpkin.
It took him so long he had to wake up the next morning and carve for another hour.

After the long and relaxing fall break, I couldn't wait to get back to school.
I have realized this past week that I LOVE my job.
I am starting to get excited to go to work in the morning, and I am not stressed out at all.
I love the 16 little kids I get to work with every day. Not a day goes by that they don't crack me up and remind me why I love teaching so much.

If you saw me last year, this is very exciting news. Last year was probably the most stressful year of my life. And having conquered it, I am so excited to see that I actually do love what I get to do each day.

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