Sunday, June 9, 2013

Exploring Minnesota

Our second Saturday of exploring where we live was a success!
We decided to stay local in Minneapolis and check out a couple of the places we haven't been yet.
First, we went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  I loved the grounds and thought it was beautiful!  Way cooler than I realized it would be.
Next, we drove over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Steve and I were very impressed with this museum.  It was a lot bigger and nicer than we anticipated.
The best part of our was all free!  Even our parking was free, which doesn't happen often downtown.

Don't mind our $1 McDonald's drinks on the stroller.  This is quickly becoming a Saturday ritual as well.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts


  1. This looks so fun! I don't have much desire to explore Vegas... Not to mention its been over 110 degrees this week. Ha! We are hermits, other than the daily trip to target/Ross/michaels! Miss ya!

  2. the cherry looks so dark. aw looking greeat winders