Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Boise Christmas

After spending time with my fam in Utah for Lindsay's wedding, we drove up to Boise, Idaho to spend time with Steve's family.
Steve's parents are mission presidents there and we were lucky enough that two of his brothers and their families could also join us for Christmas.

 We were there for a week and had a blast!
It was so fun to spend time with his family, let the little cousins run around, and just relax in the mission home.
We ate so so so much that week I was surprised I didn't gain 10 pounds.

On Christmas Eve, the kiddos were going to do the nativity story, but this is the furthest we got: a picture of 3 out of the 4 kids.  Carson was supposed to be Joseph, but he wouldn't wear his head towel or hold his staff.

Here's the best pic we have of the 4 of them.

Christmas morning.

The big kids with our Christmas $$$

It was so fun to watch Carson and his cousins run around together.  He liked to copy everything they did.  Here they are going up and down the stairs alll day long.

Learning how to jump from his cousin Macy

One afternoon, a stake president in Boise gave us a tour in a 12 passenger van of the city.  It was so neat to see the city since I've never been there.

We went to Boise State University and were able to see the blue turf.

Our tour ended at a diner where you can get baked potato ice cream.  It looked EXACTLY like a real potato.  I thought I was biting into one.  But it was really just vanilla ice cream with cinnamon sugar around it.  YUM.

We also saw Frozen.  That was a highlight of the trip, obviously.  Carson actually watched it for like an hour.  The last half hour he was wiggly but he still got to see most of the movie.


Having a Frozen dance party after the movie

 With his grandma

Me with our 1000 piece puzzle of NYC.  I spent way too much time on that thing.

And Carson got his own seat on the trip back! That was a relief.

 Such a good trip.  Hope to see you again soon, Boise!


  1. So cute to see some of the cousins together!

  2. It was a memorable Christmas for Dad and I with your family, Greg's family and Jordan's family at the Mission Home. The nativity was comical, trying to get 4 children 2 and under to sit together and "pose". Anyway it was terrific to have you with us for almost a week, loved it!