Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pictures of Our October

This post is full of our every day life pictures that need to be documented somewhere!

We went to a BBQ place for our anniversary and brought Carson with us.  Bad idea? Yes.  He fell on the ground and managed to dump his entire cup of water all over himself.  Hence the naked baby.

Sick day (and he's in a toddler bed now).

Sleepy sleepy after church

Toddlers took over HEB grocery store.  Carson was not that interested in eating the healthy food they were giving out.


We met some character at Discovery Green named Pocoyo.  Carson had no idea who he was and made this funny face the entire time haha.

I finally finished Carson's baby quilt!  It's about time.

Fire station tour

Preschool gum balls for the letter "G"

Way too much baking this month

Zoo trips with his bestie



Trick or treating and making crafts at the children's museum

Discovery Green Halloween party

 And one morning I went into Carson's room to find him making a choo choo with his stuffed animals.  I loved that he was riding on it too!


  1. I commented on this, this morning. I don't think it saved! Ha! Love the quilt! So cute! And I've totally been to that same exact restaurant! Super yummy. I'm a little ashamed to admit that Hannah is back in her crib. I gave up. HAD TO. it had been almost a month of pure sleep chaos.. Now we are back, and I'm terrified to ever try it again! Haha! I'm sure it will be fine when she is a little older :) hope he has been adjusting well!

  2. What a fun month, loved the pre-school gum balls and all the fun things you did with Carson! That last pic of him riding in his animal train is so adorable.