Sunday, March 15, 2015

Winter Randoms

Here is a photo dump of our winter here in Houston

70 degree days

What he spends a lot of his days doing.  He asks me almost daily to build him a "sweet track"

Pregnancy announcement (16 weeks)

20 and 22 weeks

Thomas sticker book keeping this little boy plenty busy during sacrament meeting

 Loving soccer

Chick fil a date with my boy

"Mom, take a picture"

Temple date

Carson and dad trying out his big boy bed for the first time

The cold doesn't stop us from going to the zoo

Valentine's party

Preschool craft and preschool group.  Carson loves these friends!

 Testing out our new double stroller!

First day of official "potty training".  He has picked it up quick, but we can't quite convince him to wear underwear!

Selfies with mom and dad

A fun afternoon spent riding the train and eating at Hermann Park



  1. I love all the train themed answers on his worksheet! Hahaha! And your place looks super cute!

  2. Big boy bed? Double stroller? I feel so out of the loop! I better hurry up and move back there! I miss that preschool group, and going to the zoo with you guys!

  3. I love all your random family pictures! What a special year with that little boy!