Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Nights

Summer officially began June 3 for me, a little more than 2 weeks ago. I have already put in at least 8 days at the pool, a day at 7 peaks, 3 trips to my new classroom (I call it a trip because of how FAR away it is from provo), and a visit home to Virginia. Summer could not be more perfect so far. I am already getting really sad that it will be over too fast!

With the start of the summer, I have been able to experiment more with my cooking. Sadly enough, today was the day that I cut my very first watermelon and made my very first lasagna. I gchatted with one of my best friends, Jenesee, today for a long time just exchanging recipes. I totally feel like a mom these days.

My trip home was first and foremost, to see one of my oldest friends, Allison, get married! But, of course, it was a good excuse to take a trip home. It was so neat to remember her baptism day, about 5 years ago, and then to think about how far she has come to get married in the DC temple. Her reception was gorgeous, but I think my favorite part of the wedding was her dress. It was sooo beautiful!

Also, while home, my family celebrated Lindsay's 20th birthday. Woohoo! More celebrating will be done later this week though, on her real birthday :) Lindsay and I like to take the most flattering pictures of ourselves that we can.

One of the most fun things Steve and I have done this summer is fly his awesome kite. Sadly enough, his summer has only consisted of doing his internship and studying for the GRE. So today, we took his old Chinese kite out for a spin.

My summer has been great so far, and although Steve's has been somewhat boring, we are both looking forward to a fun Winder family vacation next week to Palmyra and Kirtland :)


  1. Brittany! We will be living in Rochester next week. That is 20 min away from Palmyra. Ty is wondering if Greg will be coming and if so he wants to see him. When will yall be coming?

  2. I'm so jeal you went to the wedding! I can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. how did your lasagna turn out?! I hope it was great! Looks amazing! And I'm SOO jealous you are going to Kirtland! Say hello to my little old home town for me! If there is still a little ice cream shop house looking thing by the N.K. Whitney store, you have to get Oreo Cookie Icecream! It's my favorite ice cream in the whole world. I think they took down the store when they redid the place though... have fun!

  4. Jenesee--the lasagna turned out so yummy! We loved it. The only thing is that I think I put too much onion in. Do you usually put a whole onion? I will look for the ice cream store...I actually think I've been there before!

  5. Where is your new classroom!? Want to get together soon! I finish school in only a week!