Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day.
Steve doesn't really like it and doesn't get why we celebrate it since everyone has anniversaries, but since you celebrate it with friends, family, and students, it's sounds great to me!

This Valentine's days was one of my favorites yet. I got lots of love texts from Steve throughout the day. And I got not one, but TWO vases of flowers delivered to work. I was surprised and thought that Steve must really love me a lot! But then I realized one of them was from my parents (THANK YOU!!!).

These are the flowers Steve sent me.

Because I love Valentine's Day, I had to decorate my classroom accordingly.
And this little puppy has been sitting on my desk since February 1st when my fav little student just HAD to give me my Valentine Day present early since it would be PERFECT for the baby's nursery.
One of the best parts of teaching on V-day are the boxes that the students decorate. These are some of my favorite from this year:
My students also made me this GIGANTIC Valentine card with sweet notes. It took up the whole whiteboard!

When I got home, Steve and I celebrated with a home-cooked meal of steaks and asparagus. We both got our own pint-sized fancy ice cream too. We exchanged presents and I surprised Steve with some Minnesota memorabilia.
And he surprised me with a prenatal massage gift certificate.

See....who wouldn't love Valentine's Day?


  1. massage!! JEALOUSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I need to get preggo so Hans will get me one of those :D

  2. ahhh. love this. and love you two cuties. i'm really excited about minnesota, because it's close to wisconsin, and that place rocks. and i was thinking, we need to get together. happy vday to you, beaver, and most of all cute baby in your belly. when do you find out the gender!? are you finding out?