Thursday, March 1, 2012

20 Weeks!!!

It is hard to believe we are already halfway through this adventure!
Luckily I have have had a relatively easy pregnancy so far.
The worst part about it is probably my moods (sorry Steve!).
I think I cry every single day about dumb little things (example--today I cried during bus duty because it was freezing outside).
But I'm used to mood swings, because I'm a girl. So it's not toooo bad.
Here's me at 19 weeks:
Yesterday we were able to get our anatomy ultrasound.
I had my students do an activity beforehand to guess what gender they thought it would be (and of course, to review collecting data).
It turns out they were right! Actually, almost every single person that guessed, guessed BOY. Even Steve and I were pretty sure it was a boy.
Anyway, the ultrasound was amazing. They had us in a small room with a GIANT flat screen TV right in front of the bed.
The doctor went through every single part of its body to make sure everything was healthy.
We were able to see the chambers of his heart, parts of his brain, 5 fingers on each hand, etc.
It was really neat but also really scary. But everything checked out ok.
I just knew it was a boy before the doctor showed us because he kept referring to the baby as "he".
Apparently the baby was flashing himself during the whole thing.
Our little baby was pretty crazy during the ultrasound.
He completely turned back and forth all over my belly the whole time.
I think we might have a little soccer player because I can already feel his kicks so strongly!!!

As soon as the ultrasound was over, I had Steve drive us over to Babies R Us so I could get some cute boy clothes. Not being able to dress our little one in ruffles and bows has been my only worry about having a boy...besides having 5 boys in a row like the Winder family...

And I just wanted to include a picture of the other cute boy in my life and his acceptance letter to UMN.

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