Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break!

I am starting to notice a trend...I usually on post on school holidays:)
Well...only 7 weeks left of school and then I will be able to post as much as I want!

Because Steve and I won't be able to attend his family reunion this year, his parents offered to take us on a little spring break excursion of our own.
We packed our bags and headed for Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.
I had never been to any national parks in Utah, so it was such a neat experience!
We rented a minivan and drove down on Saturday along with Steve's brother Greg, his wife Tiffany, and baby Lucy. It was one jam-packed minivan, but it was fun to all be together.

We stayed in Springdale, right outside of Zions, and it was the cutest little town. We checked out all of the top restaurants on Trip Advisor and were not disappointed!
On Sunday, we headed to St. George and walked around the temple.

On Monday, we headed into the park and did a few hikes. We did the lower and upper emerald pool hikes and the weeping rock.

On Tuesday morning, we headed over to Bryce Canyon. It was sooo beautiful. I loved Zions, but Bryce had such a unique look. We were able to do a hike down into the canyon to see all of the different hoodoos.

Wednesday morning we headed back home. I was surprised I was able to hold up through all of the hiking, I haven't been the best about getting exercise since I've been pregnant. But, it was a really neat experience. Thanks so much mom and dad Winder!!!


  1. how fun! :) you look great! so excited for you to be so close to finishing the school year! :) when do you guys move?! we REALLY need to get together!!

  2. Fun!! And finally I see a belly pic! You look so cute!