Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Can Walk!!!

I am now officially 36 weeks and off of bed rest!!...and my medicine!
I have been convinced that the baby will come as soon as I hit 36 weeks (and still kinda am)
But I kind of have a feeling that the baby is playing one big trick on me and will arrive on his scheduled c-section date at 39 weeks. 
 But that is the least of my worries after all of this! 

 So after 4 weeks of strict bed rest I have: 
-watched lots of Friday Night Lights and 24 with Steve 
-watched tons of Greys Anatomy by much so that I think it would be safe for me to operate on someone 
-missed my last week and a half of school 
-had my mom go in on the last day to say goodbye to my students for me 
-missed 2 baby showers 
-spent tons of time staring at the wall 
-read some books 
-played way too much of the "Piperoll" app
-canceled my maternity pictures 
-spent more time with my mom than I have in a few years 
-been outside a total of 5 times--2 trips to the hospital and 3 doctors appointments 
-gotten extremely excited to have a new baby boy 

 In the next few weeks I will: 
-finally move out of my classroom for the poor girl moving in behind me 
-do my maternity pictures
 -get everything ready for baby boy
 -keep trying to convince baby to flip so I don't have to have a c-section 
-finally meet baby boy!!!

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  1. Yay!!!! I've been thinking about you! Way to stick it out. Can't wait to meet him :)