Thursday, July 19, 2012

Carson's Arrival

Wow!  It has already been a week and a day since Carson joined our family.
It has been a rollercoaster of events and emotions, but we wouldn't change any of it.

So I had a c-section scheduled for 39 weeks--July 11--because this little stinker was breech.
I surprisingly made it that far considering I was 4 cm for 2 weeks prior.
So we woke up around 5, got ready and headed to the hospital that morning.

Everything is now a little fuzzy about the experience, but we got checked in and I got my epidural soon after.
My doctor came in shortly and attempted to manually turn the baby with his hands to see if we could do a regular birth, but this little boy wouldn't have it.
The doctors pushed so hard on my stomach attempting to turn him that I had popped blood vessels all over for days after.
They eventually gave up after his heartbeat started decreasing and got me prepped for surgery.

It was the strangest thing.  I couldn't see or really feel anything that was going on.
Just as little tugging as they pulled him out.
I was DYING to see him.  Steve went right over to the nurses to see him and take pictures.
He actually had to come show me a picture of Carson on our digital camera before I saw him in real life!

After a quick glance and family photo, Steve and Carson rushed off with the nurses for testing and a bath while I was sent to a recovery room.

After what felt like eternity, Steve finally brought him to my room and I was able to hold him for the first time.

A few highlights from my stay in the hospital include:

Steve changing a diaper for the VERY FIRST TIME in his entire life

Having our family visit

 Celebrating my birthday with a delicious Nothing Bundt Cake

 Getting him dressed for the very first time

And going home!!!

 All 3 of us are doing well.  My wonderful mom is here to help for another week and loves spoiling her first grandson rotten.  Steve and I are loving our new addition and trying to find a balance in our lives.  More to come on baby Carson later!


  1. So exciting for you guys! You have been through so much to get this little guy here. Love all the pictures. You are so tiny in those 2 of you going in to have him! And I love that picture of you holding him, his lips are so luscious. haha. Congrats again Brittany and Steve.

  2. Britt!! Congrats, Mama! He's darling, glad he's here safe & sound :) Love your family of 3!

  3. so so happy for you! get as much rest as you can!! he is adorable!