Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Move to Minnesota

We are finally in Minnesota!!!
After a long and exhausting move we are almost all unpacked in our new apartment.

About a week and a half ago we rented a moving truck and Steve's family helped us load it down with all of our belongings.
The next day we quickly cleaned our apartment and said goodbye to our home in Eagle Mountain.

Steve went and stayed with his parents that night and the 3 of them drove the moving truck and our 2 cars to Minneapolis.
I was lucky with the newborn babe and stayed in Utah for a few nights with my fam who was in town.  We waited until Steve's parents were done settling us into our apartment and my mom, Carson, and I flew into Minneapolis.

Wow! Flying with a baby was a lot harder than I anticipated.  Let's just say I didn't realize how long it would all take and he didn't get a diaper change for quite a few hours.
Lucky for me though, I have an angel baby that slept through both flights.

We are so happy to have made it safely! Steve and I are already loving Minnesota.
We were welcomed with open arms from everyone in Steve's program and already know this was the perfect choice for us.

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  1. wow, so much going on with a new move, settling in, and seeing the place! :) good luck to Steven starting school! you look great, and Carson is adorable!