Monday, October 15, 2012

Girls Weekend! +1

My sister Lindsay, mom, and I had a girls weekend planned since before Carson was born.
Lindsay had Fall Break this past weekend so we decided to take advantage of it and they both flew out here for a girls weekend! (plus Carson...and occasionally Steve)
It was perfect because our anniversary was during their stay so they got to babysit Carson.

Anyway, we started the trip off right with shopping, and lots of it!
I picked them up from the airport on Thursday and we all headed over to the Mall of America.
We were there so long that Carson had to eat twice.  (nursing mothers, you know how much of a hassle that is)
My legs ached that night from all the walking, but we each made some great purchases and enjoyed our time together.

The next day, we explored Grand Avenue, a popular street in St Paul.  We ate at a delicious cafe and did a lot of window shopping.

Diet coke and turtle cake...nothin better.
Carson was the best shopping companion.  I love my little boy.

On Saturday, of course we had to find the nearest Potbelly (our family favorite in Virginia).  Then we hung out and watched some of the BYU game before Steve and I went out for our anniversary that night.

 Sunday we lounged around a lot and made sugar cookies.  What a work of art.

I was so sad to see them go...but I have a good feeling that this could be an annual thing:)

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  1. This looks SO fun! And he is so stinkin cute, I can't get over it!