Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break

For Spring Break this year, Steve, Carson, and I took a mini vacay to Duluth, MN.
We had heard lots of good things about Duluth from fellow Minnesotans and decided to check it out.
We absolutely loved it.  It is located right on Lake Superior and there are tons of things to do in the little city.  We'd love to go back when it is warmer and enjoy the outdoor Duluth experience.

We drove up Friday after I was done nannying (around 4). Our Spring Break was definitely not Spring, see for yourself.

We had to get a shot of our very first stay in a hotel as a little family. 

We swam in the hotel pool a few times.  Carson was pretty speechless (because the water was a little cold), but he loved when we held him in our laps in the hot tub.

In Duluth, we took a scenic drive around the lake,

toured a mansion (where the last living heir got mysteriously was pretty cool),

 had some yummy eats,

and went to a boat museum.

It was fun, Duluth.  Hopefully we'll see you again when it's warmer!

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