Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 Months

Well Carson started off this month sick and ended it sick. Stinks for him but means lots of snuggles for me :)

Carson has by far learned the most this month. 
Steve and I have been soaking up every moment because he is so fun and happy all the time. 
We love our little boy. 

This past month...

Carson has made huge strides in mobility. He has been doing the army crawl for a long time but the past few weeks has figured out the normal way to crawl. He still prefers army style though. 

He has figured out how to pull up. This is his favorite thing to do but probably the most annoying. He has successfully ruined his beautiful crib with bite marks from pulling up throughout the night and when he wakes up. 

Carson has learned a few more gestures. He points to things, usually when he is feeling something, and shakes his head yes and no.

He can finally hold his own bottle!  Yay!  He needs a little help from us getting it back in his mouth now, but it is still so nice.

He has gotten a little more interested in real food. He loves his Cheerios, pieces of bread, and bites of bananas. He has gotten a lot better at picking food up and putting it in his mouth. He will sometimes take quite a few bites of our dinner but definitely still prefers puréed food as his main source of calories. 

Toys are all of a sudden becoming a lot less interesting now that he can get to whatever he wants in a jiffy. One toy he does like though is his walker. He has figured it out and likes to take baby steps with it. 

Carson is quite the social little boy. He tries to pull up on all of the older kids to stand next to them and loves attention from just about anybody. He loves the little baby I nanny and tries to crawl all over him.

He is moving up to size 4 diapers and into his 12 month summer clothes.  My baby is all grown up :(

Here are some photos from the month.  Please ignore the big black eye and scabs all over his face!  It was a rough month for Carson. And sorry there are so many...I just can't get over how cute he is.

Learning how to walk.

Like I said, sick twice this month.

Figuring out how to eat finger foods.  This is a typical Carson face.

Doing hw with Dad.

First couple of times he pulled up.  He could not have been more proud of himself.

Sill faces with mom.

Pure joy.

Summer is finally here! (well it was in this is in the 50s today)

New fav keys.

 Loves flipping through his books.

Grainy pic but I think he looks hilarious.

Carson has like 30 different faces, this is one of his new favorites.

I just love him.

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