Saturday, September 28, 2013

Minnesota State Fair

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately.
I have been feeling lazy and Steve is back in school and using the computer all the time.

The state fair around here is quite popular. 
We heard all year long how awesome it was and had to check it out. 
And we did have an awesome, sweaty time. 
Our main priority was food, but I wish we had gone earlier to check out more animals, I'm sure Carson would have loved them all. 

Out first stop was a roasted turkey leg and then all you can drink milk for $1. 
That milk is tasty and a good deal, but it fills you right up. We probably had like 5 glasses of milk (mostly chocolate) and were a little disappointed at how full we were. 
Next, we got some poutine (pronounced poo-teen). 
This is French fries and cheese curds with hot gravy all over. 
Omg yum. I devoured all the cheese curds and I think Steve ate most of the fries. 
I guess I am a true Minnesotan now because I LOVE cheese curds. 

Then we decided that to feel the true experience of the fair we needed to get a fried candy bar. We got a Reese's. 
At this point I was so sick to my stomach I really didnt want any. But after a small bite I realized I really did have enough room for this delicious concoction. 
On the way out we, of course, had to get some more milk. 

Til next time, Minnesota State Fair!

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