Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December in Pictures

This is the first half of our December that we spent in Minneapolis.

Decorating the tree

Carson's face when he woke up to see the tree for the first time.

Just a typical week in December in Minnesota.

Attempting to put Carson in Santa's lap.

As you can see, hardly any ornaments were at the bottom of the tree this year.

Playing in the hall.

Riding the carousel at Mall of America.  Carson would NOT let us put him on an animal so we all had to ride on the bench. 

Minneapolis light parade.

We all got the stomach flu...this is what it looks like when you have a crazy toddler that has basically recovered and a sick, sick dad.

We had an early Christmas before we headed out to Utah.

Love him

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  1. What an expressive little boy Carson is. Love the look on his face when he sees the Christmas Tree the 1st time.