Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving in Virginia

We had the best Thanksgiving break ever.
It was nice to get out of the freezing temps in Minnesota and go somewhere a little bit warmer.
But mostly, it was nice to get out of Minnesota and spend some time with my family.
I hadn't seen anyone since the summer and it was a great reunion.
I went out a few days earlier with Carson and Steve met up with us the Monday before Thanksgiving.

 I was lucky that Carson got his own seat on the plane ride out there.  It made taking care of him on my own a lot easier.

Trying on his outfit for Lindsay's wedding next week!

Shake Shack!

Carson's obsession with my dog, Sadie, continued from the last time he saw her in April.

Cafe Rio! We were in heaven.  It had been WAY too long.

 Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum 

What's a trip home without watching embarrassing home videos?  Yes, that's us doing the macarena.

Carson had a hard time falling asleep at Grandma's house.  Here he is sitting up and sleeping because he refused to lay down.

For Thanksgiving day, we drove down to Richmond to be with all of my mom's family.  My aunt and uncle own a zoo there and we were lucky enough to walk around without any crowds that day!


Chasing peacocks

Friday, we got our Christmas nails did

So happy to have his first real "kid's meal" at Chick fil a

Stealing Grandpa's fries

And enjoying one of our favorite Virginia treats--chocolate flourless waffles

The flight home was a definite success with Steve there to help

And of course he had to fall asleep the second we got off the plane.

What a wonderful week of eating, family, and eating.  Just how Thanksgiving should be!

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