Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spring Photo Dump

Dying Easter eggs

Easter Egg Hunt at Discovery Green

Our family Easter selfie


So many trips to the zoo


Belly shot progression
25 weeks

27 weeks

What happens when I try to take a picture with Carson around--29 weeks

32 weeks

This is the face he always makes when he says "choo choo!!!"

Officially done with preschool for the year!  Here his friends are making an X and a Y

Dino hats from preschool

Preschool at our house

Carson and "baby sister's" nursery is finally complete

Ice cream date

We <3 Target

We got Carson's Halloween costume out from when he was 3 months old, and of course he had to put it on!

Celebratory "I made it to 32 weeks without bedrest or any hospital visits" lunch at Chick fil a

What happens when I watch the Bachelorette

Play dates with friends

And it's warm enough to swim!

And as if all of those photos weren't enough, here are some videos of our little boy.

Carson finally figuring out this swimming thing.

Carson LOVES dogs.  He is obsessed with our neighbor's dog, Sammy.

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