Thursday, July 30, 2015

Carson is 3!

We are so lucky to call this little boy ours.
Carson cracks us up all day long with the hilarious things he says and does.
Three is a very, very difficult age, but it's also a very funny one.

Carson is finally going through an independent streak and will throw full on tantrums any time we try to do certain things for him, like put him in his car seat.  He always says "I do it."
Overall, he is a very sweet boy though.  I think once he gets past the "terrible twos/threes", life will get a little bit easier.

He has a huge vocabulary--a big change from his second birthday.  He asks "why?" all day long and is never satisfied with our answers, so he just keeps asking "why?".
He also loves to sing.  Mostly about Thomas the Train.  He sings pretty much the entire time he is playing with his toys.

Carson has a wonderful imagination.  He loves to have his trains talk back and forth to each other.  One of them is usually disciplining the other and using phrases I always use on him.
He also loves to pretend to be a lion with his dad, and loves to get out his plastic toy animals and act out different scenarios with them.  The toy animals usually end up pretending to go to the zoo or rodeo. 

He still takes a good hour and a half nap most days and sleeps around 11 hours at night.

He is very hesitant in public and loves to people watch.  He takes a very long time to warm up to new places and adults especially.  He would be happy to just watch kids play at the park or splash pad most of the time.

Toys:  trains, planes, diggers, plastic animals
Food: milk, applesauce pouches
Things to do:  swim at the pool or beach, go to the zoo, nursery, preschool, or anywhere really.  This boy loves to get ready and get out of the house

He is 39 inches tall (80%) and weighs 32 lb 6 oz (56%).

Happy birthday, big 3 year old!  We love you so much!

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  1. What a cute, cute little boy!!! Yes he has his own mind but it is a great mind! It is so fun to watch him play with his trains, it is serious business!
    We sure love him and are so grateful that he is our little grandson.