Sunday, September 20, 2015

Galveston Trip

For paternity leave, Steve got about 2 weeks off when Laney was born.  He took one week after my mom left and saved the other one for when she was six weeks old.  
We had talked about going down to Galveston for a few nights, and decided really spontaneously one day to just do it! (this is so unlike us)  So we booked the hotel and packed while the kids napped and when they woke up we drove down.

That night we walked along the beach as Laney (screamed) fell asleep. 

The next morning we headed to the pool.

We finally ate lunch at Whataburger...something native Texans rave about.

And that afternoon we went to the beach.

 The next day we went to the beach for a few hours and headed home.

Carson is OBSESSED with swimming in the pool and ocean and playing in the sand, so this little family trip was well worth it!

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