Sunday, September 20, 2015

Laney--2 Months

Laney is already two months old!
Why does it go so fast? [insert cry face emoji]
She is 13 lb 8 oz (92%), 24.75 inches (100%), and her head was around the 85%.
Laney is quickly outgrowing her 0-3 month clothes and is already in size 2 diapers.
She is our little chubba and is the sweetest thing.

Laney is finally outgrowing her nightly witching hour screaming, but she still occasionally screams a little bit before going to sleep.
She mostly sleeps in a swing for her naps but is pretty good at sleeping on the go as well.
She eats about every 2 hours during the day (sometimes 3) and sleeps pretty much all night.  She goes to sleep around 7:30 and she sleeps one 8-9 hour stretch.  She usually wakes up around 8:30 am.
I try to do the "dreamfeed" before I go to sleep, but sometimes she is so sleepy she won't wake for anything.  She sleeps like a rock at nighttime.  She is in our bedroom, and I can turn on a light and get
things done while she sleeps.

Laney loves to eat (as is evidenced by her weight) but loves to sleep more.  If she is tired and hungry, sleep always wins.
She loves to lay on her playmat and look at toys/try to start reaching for them.
She loves her mama, dad, and Carson.  She could stare at Carson all day, and Carson loves to tell her about his trains.  And she loves to smile at Steve.  He can get her to smile whenever, even on facetime!
Really, how much is there to say about a two month old?

Here are some favorite pictures from the month

First zoo trip

First Sunday at church

First baseball game

It's hard getting woken up at 9 am


And some glamour shots of the little lady!

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