Tuesday, July 16, 2013

12 Months!

 Brace yourselves.  This is really long.

Can't believe this is my last monthly post!
And can't believe even more that Carson is one whole year old!!!
This has been the fastest year of my life.
New mothers, please enjoy your time with your baby.  It is so cliche to say "it goes so fast".  But honestly I am in denial that my baby is not a baby anymore.  The baby phase it just TOO fast.

Here are some facts about Carson's 12th month:
He has lots of new tricks! Including saying "ball" and "wow".

Carson still has 6 teeth.  I think he is going to cut 2 new ones soon though.  He weighs 23 lb. 2 oz (55%) and is 31 in. tall (85%).  He still wears 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

He is obsessed with the water!!! I love it because I am too in the summer.  We have been hitting up the local wading pools lately and he could just hang out there all day.  He splashes and splashes and wears himself out.

Carson is the toughest baby ever.  He hardly cries when he gets hurt unless I act scared about how hard he fell, and then he will cry a little for attention from me.  

He also doesn't cry when he wakes up in the morning and will just lay in his crib quietly until I come get him.  I know, I'm lucky! 

Carson is getting closer and closer to walking.  He'll always hang on to furniture for support but I know he can stand for a little without hanging on.  He must just be afraid!  He has taken like one step without hanging on so I know walking is still probably a ways away.

Solid foods are slowly but surely coming along.  Carson is definitely not going to be off purees at a year old like it is recommended, but he is making progress.  He usually eats a small lunch and dinner and then I just give a fruit or veggie jar after he eats to make sure he is full.

Favorite pics from the last month:




First french fry.  I know, parents of the year.

Love this sweet moment after Steve got home from work.

Loves going to the library

Every Sunday on our way home from Church

Well happy birthday bebe/best friend/stinkers/all of the other nicknames I call you.
I love you more than I ever realized I could.
You truly are my bestest friend.
I love having you around all day every day and can't imagine having a full life without you.
I never really felt like I was missing something before you were born, but now looking back I definitely know I was.
This year has been the best year just the three of us, and I know it will just keep getting better and better.
I have loved being your "mama" and can't wait to smother you with kisses for the rest of your life (if you will let me)!


  1. beeautiful post. he is such a sweet BABY.

  2. Wow! Even as a newborn, Carson still looks like himself. I can't wait to get back to that library - the kid's play areas are better than any other library I've been to.
    Happy Birthday, Carson!

  3. What a tender and sweet post. Carson is a very blessed little boy! We love him too!