Friday, August 1, 2014

Carson is 2!

Some fun facts about the birthday boy:

Carson weighs 27.8 pounds (70%) and is 35.5 inches tall (89%) (these stats are a couple months old).  He has 16 teeth and is in 2T clothes.

He is obsessed with trains, trains, and more trains.  Oh my goodness, he could seriously play all day long.  His favorite are the different "Thomas the Train" trains that you can drive on the wooden railways.
He is talking more and more each day.  He is finally at the stage where he is starting to say a few new words each day.  This is serious progress, people.  A few new words/phrases are "it's hot!", "I two (while holding up two fingers), "my daddy and my mama", cupcake, bubbles, bug (that shows you how much we have to talk about bugs every day), monkey, "I stuck", and pool.

Carson is our sweet boy.  He is not confrontational with other kids, even when they are mean to him.  I hope this sticks! He is very easy going and usually doesn't mind sharing his toys.  When someone takes something from him or hits him, he usually just shrugs his shoulders and moves on.  I think it's obvious which parent he takes after in this regard (not me).
He loves animals so much.  He has an animal noise for almost every animal, including ones that don't talk, like crocodiles and giraffes.

His favorite foods are milk, chicken nuggets, bananas, yogurt, peanut butter sandwiches, and any kind of treat. He loves milk so much (must be the Winder in him).  If he could have it his way, he would go back to being an infant and have milk as the only thing he eats.
Some other things he loves are reading books, going to the zoo as much as possible, swimming in the pool, getting in the car to go places, getting his picture taken, and following me around like we are glued together.

Carson has hit the "terrible twos" hard.  He has gone through a phase the past couple of months where we can't get him to do anything we want to, ie. get in his car seat, put his shoes on, put his clothes on, change his diaper, put him in his highchair, put him to bed, brush his teeth.  Basically anything that we need to get him to do, he will not cooperate.  It makes life interesting.

Carson, we love you so much and are so grateful to have such a sweet boy as part of our family! Can't believe you have only been in our lives for two short years.

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