Sunday, August 31, 2014

Virginia Trip!

Carson and I were able to fly out to Virginia for a week to spend time with my parents and brother home from BYU, Matthew.
It was such a fun and relaxed weekend.

As Carson has gotten older, he has gotten so much easier to travel with.  He even wanted to carry his own backpack through the airport.


Matthew is the best uncle to Carson and spends so much quality time with him.

Carson had so much fun playing with all the toys at Grandma's house.

We ate at all of our favorite places, including Shake Shack and Cafe Rio.

We rode on the train at the mall

Carson is Grandma's little helper

We made trips to the pet store and Gymboree

And rode on the carousel

We had so much fun.  Thanks for the fun trip, fam!  Carson keeps asking for gaga, papa, and batt (matt).


  1. What fun trip! You can't beat time with family! I bet your parents and 'bat' loved every moment!

  2. What a great time being with family.