Monday, August 4, 2014

July in Pictures

We started July off with a visit to the ER.  Carson has an awful mom who wanted to go to the bathroom alone and shut his finger in the door trying to get him out.  Steve thought it was for sure broken.  It was all mangled and he screamed for a couple hours.  But it wasn't!  The doctor said kid's bones are very malleable.  Thank goodness.

July 4th fruit pizza

Didn't even realize the coke I'd been drinking all day had my name on it til Steve pointed it out.

Got Carson a rubber soccer ball from the dollar store and he slept with it that night.

He went through all of the clothes in his drawers and picked this jersey to wear.  Future Cougar.

Steve's so happy Carson actually wanted to hold hands with him!

What our mornings always look like.

Trip to the park.

He loves me so much it literally hurts sometimes

 For some reason, Carson behaves himself when he rides in the huge carts at Target.  We go around the store saying "choo choo".

Best friends sharing a stroller

Sooo many trips to the zoo

And the children's museum

A perfect afternoon for me and Carson...a large Sonic drink and a trip to the pet store.


Obsessed with getting his picture taken

So sad it's already August!  Why is summer almost over??


  1. I'm pretty sure everything in this post (less the trip to the ER...pretty sure Adam wouldn't take Anders to the ER if he had a gunshot wound) is Adam's dream come true. The ball, the trains, holding hands and going down slides together. That man is jonesing for a 2 year old.

  2. Brittany what a great blog post for July. The pics of Carson are so cute, loved the one of him holding his Dad's hand. The one of him giving you a tight squeeze around the neck is so like a boy!

  3. I love the picture of Carson squeezing you tight. What a cutie!