Friday, October 11, 2013

Carson--15 months!

It seems like after Carson turned one, the months flew by!
The older he gets, the faster time goes.
I am loving this stage of his life right now.
He seems to learn something new every day.

Carson weighs 24 lb. 10 oz (50%) and is 33 inches tall (90%). He is in 18 and 24 month clothes and size 4 diapers. He has 9 teeth and probably has a couple more molars just itching to get out.

I love this pic so much.  If you know Carson, this face basically sums him up.

His new tricks include:

--Folding his arms to pray with us
--Dancing!  He is a dancin boy and always does when there is music on
--Kicking his ball
--Shooting his ball in his basketball hoop
(I would not be surprised if this kid is a professional athlete one day.  His ball skills seriously amaze me.  And he kicks and throws with his left foot/hand, which is apparently good in the world of sports??)
--Turning on my iPhone and swiping to the home screen (sadly enough)
--Posing for my camera when I get my phone out.  It's not quite a smile, but it sure is cute so I'll take it.
--Building blocks and stacking rings.
--Giving hugs on command
--He is trying to use a spoon.  I finally let him try a few weeks ago and he loves trying, but I am not loving how messy this process is.
--He loves his stuffed animals.  I can name random animals in our apartment and he will go over and get them and start kissing them
--Carson is starting to actually obey us when we say "no".
--He is so friendly to strangers.  I can't go to Target without him yelling out "hi!" to almost everyone he sees.

His list of words to date are:

mama, dada, hi!, hey!, wow, woah, yay, yeah, dog, owl, ow,  ball, "doe" for "no", and I'm pretty sure I heard him say "go" tonight when we were running all over our apartment.


This is such a fun age but it sure is frustrating for him.  He understands so much more than he can say and gets frustrated very easily.  He loves to hit us and say "ow!" when he's mad and if we aren't close enough to hit, he hits himself.  Isn't that strange?  I have heard it's normal though.  I feel as though he is already starting the "terrible two's".  Good thing he has such a sweet side most of the time to make up for it!

Thanks again, Stephanie, for capturing these moments.  I will cherish these photos and funny faces of Carson forever!


  1. I love Carson and these updates are so cute. He hits himself and says ow, that's so funny. He is learning lots.

  2. It seems like he got all the best parts of both of your personalities. I love it!